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Oregon Allowing 15 Year Olds to Get State Subsidized Sex Change Operations, July 9, 2015:

Little Known Policy Change Drawing Lots of Attention [Taxpayer Funded Gender Transformation/Reassignment Surgery for Minors Without Parental Consent], July 10, 2015,

Oregon Gervais School District - Condoms to 6th graders?, May 21, 2015,

Common Core and Parental Rights, February 20, 2015,


XXX-Rated Sex Education, November 18, 2014 Portland Oregon, KOIN 6 News Investigative Reporter Carla Castano:

Sex Conference Skirting Edge of What’s Legal, November 24, 2014, KOIN 6 News:

Oregon Sheriff Shares Significant Concerns About Minors Safety at Sex Conference, December 6, 2014:

Seaside to Allow Sex Education Conference, December 8, 2014:

Oregon’s Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton DEFENDED the Oregon Department of Education’s(ODE) involvement with the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC, February 17, 2015:

Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference CANCELED!, March 7, 2015:

Evidence of Explicit K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education

2014 ASC Forming Your Identity Using Avatars - Keynote Speaker Cory Silverberg

2014 ASC Interactive Porn, Blow job - Keynote Speaker Cory Silverberg

2014 ASC Teaching Little Kids About Sex - Keynote Speaker Cory Silverberg

2014 ASC A New Form of Touch: Teledildonics - Keynote Speaker Cory Silverberg

2014 ASC Condom Demo
2014 ASC Condom Lineup
PU 2014 ASC Condomology
2014 ASC Dental Dams
2014 ASC Lube Stickers

PUBLIC SCHOOL PORN Part I - Introduction to Sex Ed in Oregon. PUBLIC SCHOOL PORN Part II - Parent Pays Attention - Speaks Up. PUBLIC SCHOOL PORN Part III - Teacher Connects Dots - Shares Realities. PUBLIC SCHOOL PORN Part IV - The Law is On Your Side.


2014 ASC Youth Keynote Mason Bennett-Ponsford(pronoun of choice is “they”; Peer Educator; Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council)

2014 ASC Cory Silverberg “Disability and Sex”

2014 ASC Cory Silverberg “Teledildonics”

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)- Planned Parenthood/Wyman, Portland Public Schools Board Meeting, December 6, 2012,