Arm yourself with resources for action. Remember, the law is on YOUR side!

Talk to other parents. Keep asking questions. Use respectful resolve. Meet resistance with facts. Share statistics and evidence to make your case. Follow your district’s chain of command.

Be Informed. Be Equipped. Be Empowered


Your Legal Rights
Empowering Parents Guide
"Shocked" - From national spokesperson, Dr.Miriam Grossman
Legal Terms Defined
Rights /Suggestions re Reviewing Sex Ed Curriculum
Segments of OR K-12 Sex Ed "Standards/Benchmarks"
School Board Tips
Sample Opt Out Letter #1
Sample Opt Out Letter #2
2012 Reviewers of OR Health/Sex Ed Standards
Importance of Reaching School Board Before Planned Parenthood
Oregon (Sex Ed) Revised Standards - Legislature's Version
Oregon (Sex Ed) Administrative Rules - Oregon Dept. of Ed's Version
Some Key Players in Oregon's K-12 (explicit) Sex Education
Sample of Adolescent Sexuality Conference Workshops/Topics
Condoms, Lube, and Dental Dams Distributed to Oregon Students - 2014 PRESS RELEASE
BDSM,Interactive Porn, and the ODE/OHA - 2014 PRESS RELEASE
Drugs, Sex, and the ODE's Truth Deficit - 2014 PRESS RELEASE
Dry Humping Saves Lives Endorsed by the ODE and OHA - 2014 PRESS RELEASE
2015 ASC 2015 ASC Canceled!_PRIE Press Release March 7, 2015
Opt Out Form-Prior to Health Care
Opt Out Form-Student Privacy Protection
Opt Out Form-Notice to School Admin
Adolescent Sexuality Conference Announces 2015 Keynote Speaker - PRESS RELEASE
Be Proud - Be Responsible Curriculum
PRESS RELEASE_Eugene 4J School District_Transgender_Locker Room
PRIE October 2015 Letter of Support for U.N. "Protection fo the Family Resolution"
2015_08_Letter to Hillsboro Missouri School Board_Schools NOT Legally Required to Allow Students to Use Opposite-Sex Restrooms, Showers,and Changing Rooms _Alliance Defending Freedom
2015_11_18_Press Release: OR School Boards Misled About Privacy
Dispelling the Myths: Schools Don't Have to Allow Transgender Students to Use Restrooms of the Opposite Sex
PRESS RELEASE_OR School Boards Misled About Privacy Laws
PRESS RELEASE_OR Students may be robbed of their right to privacy
PRESS RELEASE_Elementary School Exposes Kids to Depictions of Graphic Sex Acts - School Board and Parents Blindsided (April 2016)
PRESS RELEASE_OR Schools Being Bullied (May 17, 2016)
Sample Student Physical Privacy Policy_See pg, 8-9
2016_05_American College of Pediatricians Letter to OR Gov. Brown
Are you getting the FACTS about Title IX? (July 2016)
SAMPLE Dear School Board Letter re bodily privacy
OPT OUT_SAMPLE General (Multi-Issue)
Request for ACCOMMODATION re Bodily Privacy Rights
Quick Facts 2016: Sex Education in America
Overview of OREGON's K-12 Sexual Health, Child Sexual Abuse/Violence Prevention (2016)
2013/2014 Evidence_OR Health Authority uses false SSN to enroll medicaid applicants
2017_05_Oregon Health Authority Admits Medicaid Fraud (Clinics and False SSN)