Pleasure, Porn, Meth, Phone Sex

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Reasons for our concerns…


The Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Cascade Aids Project (CAP) are on the steering committee of the annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC). The following materials are widely distributed at the ASC where nearly 1/3 of attendees are youth.

Materials include: Dry Humping Saves Lives, “How to Get Your Groove on Fluid Free”, “A Males Guide to How…for Guys Who Like Guys” (aka: “Zines”).


A Young Males Guide To...For Guys Who Like Guys Pamplet;CAP
Guide_Oral Sex
Lovin' Your Foreskin
Meth_Enhancing Sex
Mutual Masturbation_Wear Others Underwear
Provacative Ad_HIV Testing
Stimulate Prostrate_Careful to Trim Nails
Dry Humping Saves Lives Pamphlet_CAP
Erotic Phone Sex
Gender Roles_Say/Do Anything
Gender Gummy_Identity Can Change Daily
Dry Humping Saves Lives_Table of Contents
There is No Universal Right or Wrong
Masturbation Saves LIves
Erotic Phone Sex
How to Get Your Groove On Fluid Free_Cover Page
Your Yucks and Yums
How to Get Your Groove On Fluid Free Pamphlet_CAP
Shower Together_Phone Sex
Phone Sex_Avoid Authorities
Lap Dance_Stip Tease_Cyber Sex
Gender Gummy_Identity Can Change Daily
C.A.P._Ptld Chat Invite_24 and Younger
C.A.P._Become a "Sexpert"_Invite to Pdx Chat
Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference Steering Committee
C.A.P. Invite to Pdx Chat_Etc
A Young Males Guide to...For Guys Who Like Guys_Cover Page
Dry Humping Saves Lives_Cover Page