[OYSHP] Plan for our OYSHP Planning Conversation on 1/13 1pm

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Tue Jan 7 09:59:08 PST 2014

Hi All:  We have a special call-in meeting next Monday, January 13 1pm to
plan for our follow up with Sarah Drinkwater on January 27.

*Meeting Logistics: *
The # to call is
*(1-877) 336-1828  *participants input code 873842  (I'll input the admin

I'm hosting the call here at SATF, for any of you who are in Salem and want
to join here.  Otherwise, just call the # at 1pm.

*Meeting Focus:*  I'm cutting & pasting from our discussion in November, on
which we'll follow up.  I'm resending the meeting minutes, in case you want
same in document form.

*(2) Discussion**:*  Sarah addressed the questions set in preparation for
this meeting:

*Question *In both the Memorandum of Understanding for Youth Sexual Health
signed by Oregon Department of Human Services, Oregon Commission on
Children and Families and Oregon Department of Education (Susan Castillo
signed Sept. 16, 2010) and the Memorandum of Agreement - Youth Sexual
Health between the Oregon Department of Education (Rob Saxton signed April
11, 2013) and Oregon Public Health Division, Oregon Department of Education
agreed to "*Assisting schools to adopt comprehensive sexuality education
policy and curriculum and providing educators with the appropriate tools
and training to implement evidence-based programs."*  Without a Sexuality
Education Specialist in place, how does ODE plan to fulfill this duty?

§  Jessica – explained that these are 2 memoranda that mirror each other
closely.  The first (2010) was about OYSHP, looking at how the state
agencies would collaborate around youth sexual health. The second 2013 was
looking towards the CDC DASH HIV Prevention grant  but wasn’t entirely
dependent on it.  Jessica will send the documents to Sarah.   She observed
that Oregon has great sexuality education policy but needs to be as good on

§  Sarah asked, are there grant opportunities that ODE should be aware of?

§  Jessica replied that there may be in late 2014 or early 2015a new round
of pregnancy prevention funding from the federal government. She
anticipates that support for currently approved evidence-based programs
will be offered again. DASH/HIV grants are on a 5-year cycle – should more
funds be made available, they can grant to all states based on what they
applied to for this round.  Next 5-year cycle will probably be less

·         Sarah asked that we send Emails for all members so she knows how
to contact us.

·         She explained that current staffing includes a school nurse
support position, as well as a Safe Schools position.  She recognized that
perhaps ODE should look at both positions in a broader way to support
health..  The Assistant Superintendents meet weekly with Rob Saxton.  What
do they need to do to address the needs that schools & communities have
both for school nurse and Safe Schools.

·         Jessica offered that she and/or other OYSHP members would be glad
and ready to present a synopsis of youth sexual health to Assistant

*Question 2:*  How will ODE support the standards & Benchmarks and CSE
Statue and OARs? The Sexuality Education law ORS 336.455 revised in 2009.
The law states that each school district shall provide age-appropriate
human sexuality education courses in all public elementary and secondary
schools as an integral part of the health education curriculum.

·         If a school district needs TA for sexual health education, who
should they contact at ODE?  Sarah replied that Brad is still working; he
is still a potential contact.

§  Camelia & Jessica noted that Brad is funded by WISE funds to serve only
the 14 WISE districts, but he might not have capacity for more.

Sarah agreed that we need to understand how can we address this need when
Brad is still here and what about when he leaves?

*Question 3.*  OYSHP partners are committed to maintaining and continuing
progress Oregon has made as in CSE and youth sexual health.  How can we
support ODE to do this?  What can we do to ensure that plans are in place
to fill the SES position?

*(3). Next Steps*: Looking to January OYSHP meeting.  January 27, 1-3.
Sarah would like to report back at that time.  Everyone put the meeting on
our calendars.

Jessica asked if Sarah could share an ODE Org Chart?  It is going through
corrections but Sarah can bring it to the January meeting.

Before Sarah left, members thanked Sarah for her willingness to meet and
work on these issues.

  *(4) Member Debrief.  *After Sarah left, members debriefed the
conversation and discussed ways in which we can provide relevant
information and advocacy to support the ongoing conversation with and at
ODE.  Members discussed information tying good sexuality education to
academic achievement.  Questions arose as to who at ODE would be available
to write a grant if funds became available. Members also expressed that a
sexuality education specialist position would ideally have stable, not
grant-dependent, funding.

Nancy Greenman, Prevention Program Coordinator, Oregon Sexual Assault Task
Force, 3625 River Rd. N, Suite 275, Keizer, OR 97303,  Telephone:
503-990-6541, Fax: 503-990-6547, www.oregonsatf.org
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