Parents Left Out

*See evidence below

Reasons for our concerns…

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is telling Oregon school districts that they “must be in compliance” and then offers “free trainings and curriculum” which leads to “Public School Porn”.

You have the law on your side (U.S. Constitution, 14th Amend, Due Process US Code and CFRs, ORS & OARs). Don’t be bullied into handing over your rightful place as guardians of your children.


Sample Questions to Ask re OR K-12 Comprehensive Sex Ed
OHA, Minors, Consent (Oregon parents and guardians should be concerned about this)
"Guide" to teaching about sexually explicit content online_ASC connection
Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan (What ODE promotes)
Shifting the Paradigm - ODE Plan for K-12 Sex Ed
Kitzhaber's Plan for Oregon Children - Early Childhood Transition Report
Oregon Healthy Teen 8th Grade 2013 Survey
Anti-Bullying Connection - Parental Rights
Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan Cover Page
Boys and Girls Aide - Unbiased Support? (ASC document)
Boys and Girls Aide - Adoption, Abortion, Parenting Plans (ASC document)
"Dry Humping Saves Lives" - No Universal Right or Wrong (ASC-CAP Pamphlet)
"Males Guide for Guys Who Like Guys" - Lovin Your Foreskin (ASC-CAP Pamphlet)
OHA - "Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared": Emergency Contraception (ASC)
Consent to Sterilization_OR Ages 15-20
"National Sexuality Standards"
Eugene 4J SD Gender Non-Conforming Draft Policy