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With School Beginning Soon...Remember the "PROTECTION OF PUPIL RIGHTS" Federal Law!

With School Beginning Soon...Remember the
It is your right and responsibility as a parent to protect your child. Be sure to keep in mind these provisions (for you and your child) stated in the “Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment”. The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) is a law intended to protect the rights of pupils and the parents of pupils in programs funded by the United States Department of Education (ED). The PPRA was written to protect the rights of parents and students in two specific ways. First, any material used by students in ED funded surveys, analyses, or evaluations will be made available to parents to inspect prior to use with their child. Secondly, it ensures that schools and contractors acquire written parental consent before a minor student is required to participate in ED funded surveys, analyses or evaluations which may reveal personal information more at the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.

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