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This is Considered "Comprehensive Sexuality Education"?

Would your local school board enjoy engaging in a public discussion about sex on top or bloody faced men liking sex "every day of the month"? As unlikely as this is, parents and guardians must understand that a growing amount of children, in Oregon and across the country, are being subjected to "comprehensive sexuality education" content that is vastly overreaching and intrusive. Below is an example where parents/guardians in California became outraged when such material was presented to their children.
"...Perhaps the most shocking and inappropriate photo, the pedagogical value of which is unclear, was a picture of a man with a bloody face accompanied by a caption saying, “A real man loves his woman every day of the month.”
One School’s ‘Horrific’ Sex-Ed Photos Are Outraging Parents; Jun. 8, 2014 8:21am; Zach Noble; The Blaze Here in Oregon, K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education is "mandated" by the state, but this does NOT condone content where "anything goes". Your local school district needs to proceed with great caution when updating its sex ed policy and in selecting their "district approved" curricula. Even if curriculum or programs are packaged as "medically accurate", "best practice", or "research-based", this does not automatically deem the content "academically excellent"; honest scrutiny, accountability, and clear rationale for its approval must be required.

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