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ODE Sanctioned Keynote Speaker - A Sex Toy Shop Owner

The content presented at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) Seaside is considered "best practice" and "age appropriate" for Oregon youth. Teachers, health care providers and students from around the state attend and are encouraged to go back home and share what they learn with their peers or community members. Cory Silverberg's sex toy store website: (Toronto co-op sex toy store owner) come as you are pic Here is the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference Agenda/Workshops: ASC-Registration-packet-2014 in full The Steering Committee for this year's Adolescent Sexuality Conference April 7-8, 2014: "Building Blocks of Youth Sexual Health" included: *Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force *Oregon Department of Education *Oregon DHS *Oregon Health Authority

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