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What is "Best Practice" When it Comes to Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy?

imageskjkl;lkjijuiio Oregon's "K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education" MUST be be exposed for what it is! Who gets to decide what your minor child learns about sexual pleasure and intimacy? What is the best way to do this? In a mixed-gender classroom? From a teacher who imposes his/her ideology on their students? What grade level? Is the Department of Education's "best practices" truly honoring the diverse values of your district when they expect Oregon classrooms to discuss topics like you see listed below (and they ARE advocating this!). Some of these items may seem benign...but ask yourself, "Do I know how these topics will be presented in your child's classroom?" and "Do I know what subjects will be off limits?" • sexual pleasure • anal, oral, vaginal sex • condoms, dental dams, lubrication • range of ways to express affection • gender identity/self-image • healthy relationships • holistic sexuality • honest and open dialogue • teens teaching teens • breaking down barriers • advocate respect for diversity • intimacy • reproductive rights / confidential resources • identify trusted adults in community • political/social activism regarding sexuality education

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