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ODE 2012 Sex Ed Revisions Can Be Challenged

At the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference, Sexuality Specialist Brad Victor boasted that Oregon has the most progressive sex education standards - that we have "pushed the envelope once again!" Here's what you can do. Click here: Questions regarding 2012 OARS Revisions_Sexuality Education to view a list of sample questions parents and concerned community members could ask their school board in regards to the 2012 revisions the Oregon Department of Education has added to grades K-12 Human Sexuality Education OAR 581-022-1440. The 2012 revisions can be found at ODE’s website: These questions are not at all encompassing, however they do include many topics included in the 2012 Human Sexuality Education OAR revisions that the ODE deems "best practice". If your district is feeling intimidated or pressured by the ODE to “follow the law”, remind your school officials that there are many other laws in which they are to be following. Do not buckle when unfamiliar terms are being used or you do not know how to respond. You must ask yourself, WHO is ultimately in control of your minor children? It doesn't matter if you don't fully comprehend Oregon law. Who does?! It is the responsibility of Oregon school districts to justify their decisions/policy around teaching your children about sex. Keep them accountable! Local control is nothing without the role of parents/guardians being honored and upheld.

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