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2014 Resolution: Stay Empowered!

As 2013 comes to a close and the new year is almost upon us, know that you can make a difference in the defense of your children and your rights as parents. Parents and guardians have more power and influence in their schools and community than they realize. This is more important than ever as explicit sexuality education is being foisted upon Oregon children in the name of health. The lines between education and healthcare are being intentionally blurred. We want to encourage and equip you. You can have more impact than you realize! When you make the conscious effort to stay engaged in matters such as these, you will be amazed at the positive influences you can make at the local level. Determine to stay informed about Oregon's K-12 sex education, healthcare related messages and services that your child is learning about during his/her school day. We look forward to assisting you in 2014. Best to you and yours this holiday season!

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