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List of Questions You Could Ask School Officials

Yes, it can be a bit intimidating. No doubt about it. But remember, your school/district officials work for YOU; you entrust your children to their care during the school day. You have the LEGAL RIGHT to know what is being taught to your children. Be both respectful and resolute. Recently a Spanish-speaking parent from the Portland Public School District who had limited English-speaking skills told a group that, "If I can stand before a school board and share my concerns/questions, then so can you!" Here are some sample questions you could print off and use TODAY!
1. How and when can I see all the district's K-12 sexuality education curriculum materials? 2. What is the school’s policy re notifying me of sexuality education, potentially objectionable reading assignments and other sensitive curriculum matters? How will I be informed/contacted? 3. What is the policy or process for me to “opt out” my child from a class or assignment? 4. How can I get a copy of the district's K-12 Sexuality Education policies? 5. Will there be any non-school personnel teaching certain sexuality education material? How were their qualifications verified? If these personnel are permitted to do instruction, can other non-school personnel with different viewpoints also be approved for instruction? What policies govern these decisions? 6. May I observe classroom instruction? If not, why not? If so, what if any procedure must be followed? What policies govern these decisions?

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