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A Serious Power Grab Occurring In Oregon

REAL POWER is when parents and guardians come together to protect their parental rights and responsibilities! We urge you to not relinquish this awesome privilege that you have been given! We know that parenting isn't always easy and that you are probably quite busy. We offer you easy ideas and tools here on this website that you can use right now! Take courage - you are NOT alone. The two items below would give any Oregonian a general idea of what’s going on in Oregon in regards to parental rights and the subject of sex. If you want to learn even more, visit our website at
Article: Governor Kitzhaber Undermining Rights of Parents,
October 26, 2013 Radio Interview: One aspect of integrating health care and education: sex ed. We talk with Lori Porter, co-founder of Parents’ Rights in Education, and with attorney Joanna Galbraith, a family rights advocate, to find out what’s passing for “sex education” in K–12 schools. This will shock you as parents—not only what they’re pushing on your children but the army of organizations doing the pushing. Tune in to hear not only the shocking details, but your rights as parents—and what you can do about it. To hear a copy of this broadcast, Visit:
Parents and guardians do not have to be experts in all this – just equipped enough to push back on a very serious “power grab” that is going on in Oregon. Parents hold a lot more cards than they think! Your local school district has an obligation to honor parent’s rights and their roles in the lives of their children; schools are expected to support not destroy the parent/child relationship. Remain resolute in respectfully reminding them of this.

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