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Sex Education and School-Based Health Centers

In looking at the mission of Parents' Rights in Education, you may wonder why we take time to include information about other issues such as School-Based Health Centers, Youth Advisory Councils, the annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference, or Planned Parenthood? Great Question. To be honest, we would rather not. However, in researching and gathering the facts around sex education in Oregon, we have quickly discovered that there are well-funded and powerful partnerships threatening the rights of parents. We have been forced to connect the dots. We do this for you. You may just not have the time to do this and we want to equip and empower you! But it is so darn confusing and overwhelming. It surely is. But take heart. It is not your job to defend/vindicate your concerns. You do not have to be an expert in all this. Ask a few questions. Expect answers. It is the duty of the school district [not you] to justify why they are providing the materials, resources, services about human sexuality to your minor children. Remain resolute in respectfully reminding them of this!

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