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Don't Like What You Are Finding?

What if, after viewing your school's sex education curriculum (including supplemental materials, links, resources), you find yourself concerned about the content, class activities, roll playing scenarios and assignments that you find? Make copies of it, scan it or take pictures of it with your Smart phone! Then...go to a school board meeting (yes, you can do this!). Distribute copies of the curriculum that you are concerned about, read it verbatim, perhaps encourage the board members to roll play or discuss a few of the activities together. Now...just wait. It is their job to justify and explain why they have approved these materials. Ask them how this is intended to make the classroom safe and kids more healthy? IF, you have the time, write down some basic questions/concerns that you have and be sure to give them a copy of this before you leave. Remember, it is the school board's duty to establish district policy and approve curriculum. They should be able to give you direct answers and explanations. Be respectful yet resolute. These are YOUR children that you are entrusting to the district's care!

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