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Are You a Boy or a Girl?

You send your child to school to be educated.
You take your child to the doctor to remain as healthy as possible.

Is it your expectation that either your child's teacher or physician meddle into the secret hidden places of your child's heart and mind? You would not want a stranger wandering through the halls and rooms of your home. Is it much different to have an adult (other than yourself) trespass on your child's sense of self?

Of course not.

Recently, in Astoria Oregon, a five year old boy was asked by his doctor, "Are you a boy or a girl?". The little guy looked inquisitively up to his mom seeking her help with such a curious question. Here is a "trusted adult" planting a seed of doubt or confusion onto the heart of a child.


Clearly, the doctor is overstepping her role and will never know (or have to be responsible for) the impact of such a question. Expert or not, YOU are the parent and guardian of your child. Retain your rightful place in their life.

In Oregon there is a concerted effort to blur the lines between education and healthcare. Don't go all soft about this. We urge you to claim your rights as parents. Your child needs you!