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Need More Lube?

Let's say that minors who attended the recent 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference held in Seaside Oregon picked up a sample of IDLube, liked it and wanted to get more. Here is what they would find on the IDLube company website: This annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference steering committee includes: the Oregon Department of Education, DHS, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force. Screenshot 2014-06-11 19.42.29 Screenshot 2014-06-11 19.46.18

List of Questions You Could Ask School Officials

Yes, it can be a bit intimidating. No doubt about it. But remember, your school/district officials work for YOU; you entrust your children to their care during the school day. You have the LEGAL RIGHT to know what is being taught to your children. Be both respectful and resolute. Recently a Spanish-speaking parent from the Portland Public School District who had limited English-speaking skills told a group that, "If I can stand before a school board and share my concerns/questions, then so can you!" Here are some sample questions you could print off and use TODAY!
1. How and when can I see all the district's K-12 sexuality education curriculum materials? 2. What is the school’s policy re notifying me of sexuality education, potentially objectionable reading assignments and other sensitive curriculum matters? How will I be informed/contacted? 3. What is the policy or process for me to “opt out” my child from a class or assignment? 4. How can I get a copy of the district's K-12 Sexuality Education policies? 5. Will there be any non-school personnel teaching certain sexuality education material? How were their qualifications verified? If these personnel are permitted to do instruction, can other non-school personnel with different viewpoints also be approved for instruction? What policies govern these decisions? 6. May I observe classroom instruction? If not, why not? If so, what if any procedure must be followed? What policies govern these decisions?

Who is Your Child's Medical Decision-Maker?

Safeguard your role as medical decision-maker in the life of your child. Parents' Rights in Education strongly urges you to take the necessary steps to protect your family from being asked probing and medically unrelated questions by their doctor. Choose your doctors wisely; talk to your children in advance about how they should answer questions that the doctor and government have no business asking. Be careful what school documents you sign. This would include School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) which fall under HIPAA rules. Oregon Certified SBHCs that do not provide reproductive services (ie: morning after pill, abortion) are required by law to refer minors to agencies that will provide them confidential reproductive services. In Oregon, minors of any age are allowed to access birth control-related information and services as well as treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) without parental consent. IS IT REALLY THE JOB OF YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT TO PROMOTE THIS? View Oregon Health Authority's Minor Rights: Access & Consent to Health Care at: On a more national level, check out:

Don't Like What You Are Finding?

What if, after viewing your school's sex education curriculum (including supplemental materials, links, resources), you find yourself concerned about the content, class activities, roll playing scenarios and assignments that you find? Make copies of it, scan it or take pictures of it with your Smart phone! Then...go to a school board meeting (yes, you can do this!). Distribute copies of the curriculum that you are concerned about, read it verbatim, perhaps encourage the board members to roll play or discuss a few of the activities together. Now...just wait. It is their job to justify and explain why they have approved these materials. Ask them how this is intended to make the classroom safe and kids more healthy? IF, you have the time, write down some basic questions/concerns that you have and be sure to give them a copy of this before you leave. Remember, it is the school board's duty to establish district policy and approve curriculum. They should be able to give you direct answers and explanations. Be respectful yet resolute. These are YOUR children that you are entrusting to the district's care!