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Oregon Health Authority ADMITS to Medicaid Fraud

Oregon Health Authority ADMITS to Medicaid Fraud
"We created what we thought of as a “dummy” SSN that would bypass the database’s edit requiring that an SSN be entered. We did not realize that this dummy SSN was, in fact, a real SSN assigned to someone.” ( May 31, 2017 letter written by Helene Rimberg of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Public Health Division (Adolescent, Genetics and Reproductive Health Section). Rimberg goes on to admit that the OHA is continuing the fraud by deliberately by-passing the SSN requirement. June 5, 2017 PRIE Press Release: Letter:

PRESS RELEASE: Oregon Health Authority uses false SS# to enroll Medicaid applicants

PRESS RELEASE: Oregon Health Authority uses false SS# to enroll Medicaid applicants
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Wednesday, May 31, 2017 "...In late 2015 an anonymous whistleblower shared with PRIE (via an attorney) proof of this in an OHA CCare Resource Manual. In Section C3-7, Number 17, of the June 2014 ‘CCare Client Eligibility and Enrollment/OHA-Public Health Reproductive Health Program Manual’ it states that: “If the applicant is a teenager and does not know their SSN, use 477-47-7477. This will allow the teen to enroll while state staff and/or the applicant work to determine their SSN.” READ MORE:

Planned Parenthood is: “Thrilled to announce that we now offer appointments for transgender hormone provision"

Planned Parenthood is: “Thrilled to announce that we now offer appointments for transgender hormone provision
Planned Parenthood Columbia-Willamette is now in the business of dispensing transgender hormones. This is critically important for SCHOOL BOARDS, SUPERINTENDENTS, LEGISLATORS, PARENTS & GUARDIANS (whether pro-life or pro-choice) to know about because... a) Oregon’s recent decision to allow tax-funded sex changes for 15 year olds (without parental knowledge or consent). b) Oregon Certified School-Based Health Centers follow “Minor’s Rights” laws (confidentiality) and many refer students to Planned Parenthood. c) 2015 legislation passed which would make parents (insurance policy holders) pay for health services for their minor children, yet not be able to know what services received. d) The promotion of “gender-fluidity”, “pronouns of choice” and special rights for transgender students in schools (ie: bathroom/locker room; bodily privacy issues). e) Feminizing and masculinizing medications (transgender hormone therapy/puberty blockers) can seriously harm a minor's brain, bone and reproductive development. This has potential to be a huge parental rights issue, a health/safety issue for minors & is a perplexing service (“transgender hormone provision”) for Planned Parenthood to be involved in.

Oregon School-Based Health Centers: Unprecedented Access to Your Child's Mind and Body

Oregon School-Based Health Centers: Unprecedented Access to Your Child's Mind and Body
Everything you need to know about Oregon School-Based Health Centers (SBHC): School district officials are under the illusion that they can design their own SBHC to “fit the values of their community”. This is misleading and untrue. In order to receive funding, SBHCs must follow Oregon Health Authority's Oregon SBHCs Standards for Certification. School districts lose local control over what is happening to students while on the school premises or off campus with the mandated referrals. SBHCs are businesses operating within a school district with no accountability to the school board, administration, parents or the community. In Oregon, no age restrictions exist for students to get confidential birth control, morning after pills, condoms and abortion referral services and all other “reproductive health” services. Once your child turns 15 they can get any and all forms of mental, medical or counseling services - all without parent’s permission (*See Minor Rights: Access and Consent to Health Care). Watch this powerful Brooklyn New York news story which shows us all why we should be concerned/ask questions about SBHCs: Parents question sexually invasive physical exams in schools.

Oregon 15 year olds can get taxpayer funded sex reassignment without parental consent

Oregon 15 year olds can get taxpayer funded sex reassignment without parental consent
June 17, 2015 New York Times article includes details that "Oregon 15 year olds can get taxpayer funded sex reassignment without parental consent." Cutting off your minor child's penis without you knowing? GENITAL MUTILATION, MENTALLY TRESSPASSING, and giving a minor CHEMICALS TO INGEST without a parent or guardians knowledge or consent. REALLY?! This is extreme overreach on the part of the Oregon Health Authority especially given the fact that your minor children are YOUR responsibility. Our culture has said that youth are not ready at certain ages for driving, drinking, tanning, tattoos. Public school teachers cannot give a student an Aspirin or allow a student to go on a field trip without parental permission. Yet...turning them lose (before it is developmentally appropriate)to make irreversible life altering medical decisions is ok? This is reckless child endangerment which could cause serious psychological, emotional, or physical harm. How is this healthy and safe? Who is liable and who foots the bill if a lawsuit ensues? The Oregon Health Authority is NOT the parent, they are NOT the "authority" yet, they are expecting taxpayers to pay for procedures which usurp parents in this unimaginable way. They need to back off and let YOU, the parent, do your job. Period. For many Oregonians, sexual reassignment surgery for Oregon minors as young as 15 reaffirms their serious concerns about the judgment of the Oregon Health Authority given that it was a supporter of the controversial Seaside Adolescent Sexuality Conference; a conference which exposed minors to pornography, elicit sexual messages, and cyber-sex.


They were going to get them. Then they weren't. Are they again? By Joe English, KATU News May 21, 2015. "It's difficult to tell if the Gervais School Board will shift gears again and decide to make condoms available not only to high schoolers in the little district near Salem, but to kids in sixth, seventh and eighth grades too. Last May the district decided giving condoms to kids as young as 11 or 12 may help curb the teen pregnancy problem in the district. Last summer, there was a change of plans. The district decided the middle schools kids would not get them. Now, there are some questions about whether the district will try it again."

Are You a Boy or a Girl?

You send your child to school to be educated.
You take your child to the doctor to remain as healthy as possible.

Is it your expectation that either your child's teacher or physician meddle into the secret hidden places of your child's heart and mind? You would not want a stranger wandering through the halls and rooms of your home. Is it much different to have an adult (other than yourself) trespass on your child's sense of self?

Of course not.

Recently, in Astoria Oregon, a five year old boy was asked by his doctor, "Are you a boy or a girl?". The little guy looked inquisitively up to his mom seeking her help with such a curious question. Here is a "trusted adult" planting a seed of doubt or confusion onto the heart of a child.


Clearly, the doctor is overstepping her role and will never know (or have to be responsible for) the impact of such a question. Expert or not, YOU are the parent and guardian of your child. Retain your rightful place in their life.

In Oregon there is a concerted effort to blur the lines between education and healthcare. Don't go all soft about this. We urge you to claim your rights as parents. Your child needs you!

A Look Into An Oregon School-Based Health Center

Century High School located in Hillsboro, Oregon recently celebrated the opening of its new School-Based Health Center (SBHC). Should parents and guardians be celebrating? Though the Hillsboro School District has made a decision not to offer contraception on site at this time, the certified SBHC is REQUIRED BY LAW to refer students of any age to community resources where they can access reproductive services (ie: contraception, abortion). While taking a self-guided tour at Century's SBHC we found the following messages/resources available to students. Your birth control choices:
Copper IUD (ParaGard), Progestin IUD (Mirena, Skyla), The Implant (Nexplanon), The Shot (Depo-Provera), The Pill, Progestin-Only Pills, The Patch (Ortho Evra), The Ring (Nuvaring), Male Condom, Female Condom, Spermicide, Diaphragm, Emergency Contraception (Plan B One-Step, Next Choice, Ella, etc.)
Material from Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) whose mission is to:
*To ensure that women and teens can readily obtain birth control and abortion from their own primary care clinician as a part of their routine medical care. *Expand access to reproductive care and work to reverse the abortion-provider shortage
Pregnant? Know Your Options - All options pregnancy counseling services (Boys & Girls Aid). Our services to you are always free of charge and completely confidential. Obtain support in making a parenting plan, an adoption plan or an abortion plan and determine why it may be a good choice for you. Boys & Girls Aid beliefs include:
*Right to neutral, unbiased counseling when making decisions about their pregnancy. *All pregnant women, regardless of age, have the right and the responsibility to make their own decisions. *All pregnant women should live in an environment that is safe, healthy, and nurturing.
The Washington County Teen Clinic states that their answers are private, safe, and practical.
They offer assistance to minors asking questions such as: “Is it right for me? Should I listen to them? Who can I trust? What will happen? Should I try it? How can I decide? Where am I going? Who do I call? How will I get there"?

Who is Your Child's Medical Decision-Maker?

Safeguard your role as medical decision-maker in the life of your child. Parents' Rights in Education strongly urges you to take the necessary steps to protect your family from being asked probing and medically unrelated questions by their doctor. Choose your doctors wisely; talk to your children in advance about how they should answer questions that the doctor and government have no business asking. Be careful what school documents you sign. This would include School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) which fall under HIPAA rules. Oregon Certified SBHCs that do not provide reproductive services (ie: morning after pill, abortion) are required by law to refer minors to agencies that will provide them confidential reproductive services. In Oregon, minors of any age are allowed to access birth control-related information and services as well as treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) without parental consent. IS IT REALLY THE JOB OF YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT TO PROMOTE THIS? View Oregon Health Authority's Minor Rights: Access & Consent to Health Care at: On a more national level, check out:

Oregon Public Schools and "Whole-Body Health"

Whole-Body Health School-Wide Wellness Campaign Non-Judgemental Attitude
Sounds nice. Who doesn't want children to be healthy and happy. However...when you send your child to school to receive a quality education, do you know what health care services and messages their SBHC, teachers, and peers may be promoting? Who is ultimately responsible for the health care decisions of and services to minors? Is it the job of your child's peers to market health insurance or promote contraception during the school day? Do you want someone else making health care decisions for your minor child? The upcoming Oregon School-Based Health Center Network (OSBHC) 2013 Annual Conference: "BE SMART, BE WELL" on October 11 at Century High School in Hillsboro, Oregon, boasts of integrating health care and education within Oregon schools grades K-12. Click here for more details: 2013 Oregon SBHC Annual Conference Agenda
Here are some of the topics:
"Planned Parenthood's Youth Trainers - importance of confidentiality and a non-judgmental attitude, body-language and speech that resonate with teens" "Integrating school staff into health activities" "Improving health of LGBTQ youth in clinical and educational settings" "School-wellness is all the rage!" "Create a sustainable, school-wide prevention and wellness campaign" "A bio-psycho-social model to improve patient communication, enhance patient experience, and improve care delivery" "Creative arts-based restorative justice"
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