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Your school board members are volunteers. They are busy people such as yourself. They care about kids. They have made a commitment to serve the residents of their district. They DO NOT work for the:

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) The Superintendent of Public Instruction (Governor Kitzhaber) The Oregon Educational Investment Board (OEIB) The Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Public Health Organizations or Private Corporation (ie:Kaiser Permanente)

Use respectful resolve to remind them that "there is no local control if parents rights are not honored/protected". Thank them for their service...but remind them that they work for YOU!

District chooses not to be Oregon's first to distribute condoms

Parental Rights Prevail! GERVAIS, Ore. – Unhappy parents have forced an Oregon school board to re-think its plan to begin handing out condoms to students – sixth-graders on up – when school starts up again this fall.
...but when parents and community members caught wind of the “condoms-upon-request” plan, they flooded a June board meeting to express their displeasure. “Some members of the public were offended that schools were stepping into the parents’ territory of addressing their children’s sexuality, according to minutes of the June board meeting,” reports. “Others said condoms were not an effective solution to the problem. A few said students may need mental health help, not condoms. Another said abstinence should be promoted, not condoms. Many said they wanted help finding an alternative solution. No one spoke in support of the decision.” On Wednesday (July 30, 2014), the Gervais school board voted to halt the plan until more research could be done.

Examination of instructional material (ORS 336.465)

Use respectful resolve and ask your district for the HIV/Aids/Human Sexuality “Plan of Instruction” for any and all grade levels. A "Plan of Instruction" should have already been approved by the school board and be readily available to any district resident. ORS336.465 Examination of instructional material Each school district shall:
(a) Give parents, guardians and district residents an opportunity to examine the instructional materials to be used in any class, course, assembly or school-sponsored activity. (b) Inform parents or guardians in advance of any instruction on human sexuality or human immunodeficiency virus and give them an opportunity to review materials. At the same time, parents or guardians shall be informed that no pupil shall be required to take or participate in any instruction on human sexuality or human immunodeficiency virus if the pupils parent or guardian, after having reviewed the materials, submits written objection to the school district. (2) Refusal to take or participate in any class, course, assembly or school-sponsored activity on human sexuality or human immunodeficiency virus shall not be reason for harassment, suspension or expulsion of the pupil.

You do not have to be an expert.

Do you find it challenging to grasp all there is to know about Oregon's K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education, curriculum options, district sex ed policy updates, "best practices", "medically accurate", "age-appropriate standards and benchmarks", qualifications needed to be a sexuality education "specialists" or what is meant by "holistic sexuality"? No Problem. As a parent or guardian, you understand that "life is one big classroom" are always learning, always faced with a new challenge or opportunity. We know that it is YOUR job to protect, provide and care for YOUR minor child. However, no one enters this role as an "expert". This is ok. You learn as you go. Providing for the health, well-being, and moral development of your child falls on your shoulders. Difficult as it can be, you would not have it any other way. So...take a deep breathe. Cut yourself some slack. Start out slow. Learn what to watch for and what questions you could ask. Don't be intimidated because you may not be an expert in Oregon's K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Your child doesn't need an expert...they need YOU!


Summer is here. This is a great time to relax and have a change of pace. No rushing to catch the bus, no Sunday night scrambling to get homework done. Parents' Rights in Education encourages you to find out what your child is learning about or noticing in school when it comes to:
sex sexuality sex education identity school based health centers bullying consent confidentiality health community services/resources parental notification
Parents' Rights in Education has many tools, tips and resources that you may find helpful; learn what to watch for, become equipped, and encouraged!

Is it the job of public schools to determine "what" your child is?

There is a line that should not be crossed. You entrust your child to the care of your district teachers and leaders each and every time they step into the halls of the school. Teaching is not an easy profession, but can be extremely rewarding; educators supporting the efforts of parents and guardians by teaching children skills and knowledge that will hopefully help them have a healthy and happy life. But growing up can be difficult. It can be confusing. Children are impressionable and vulnerable. We all know this and that is why we expect adults to protect them. Protecting is one thing. Trespassing on the heart of YOUR child is quite a different matter. Is it the role of the public school to "guide" your child in discovering "what" they are (ie: transexual, cisgender, heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, questioning, asexual, pansexual, transgender, polysexual, etc.)? Will their counsel honor your rights as a parent, your values and beliefs, and your ability to protect your child's mind and heart? When a line is crossed, this means an individual has trespassed. Telling a child "what" they are IS a form of trespassing. Oregonians, be on the look out when you see curriculum, events, "celebrations" that are crossing the line of education and moving into a territory that should be OFF LIMITS. WITH RESPECTFUL RESOLVE, SPEAK UP! Do not allow your child's mind and heart be led down a road that leaves you standing on the sidelines.

Do You Know What Your Child is Reading in School?

Excerpts from Todd Starnes May, 7, 2014 article:
“’Yeah,’ he groaned, and he pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping her so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs.” “Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”
Teachers, administrators, and school board members are busy people. So are you. This does not dismiss the duty to monitor (and protect!) minors from literature that has pornographic content. It's everyone's job. Take a look at the following article, written by Todd Starnes, regarding a father who expressed his concern about what his 14 year old daughter was given to read from her teacher: Note that the school was apologetic about not informing parents in advance to the students getting this book...but not apologetic in regards to the content. Do you know what your child is reading in school? You have the LEGAL RIGHT to know! Hold your district accountable to what they deem "educational literature" and how your tax dollars are being spent. You are entrusting YOUR children to their care during the school day.

Legislative Bullying - On YOUR Dime

Are you paying to be bullied? Does your child's school endorse a "Day of Silence"? Do you know what this event is all about? Ask yourself: 1. Are your children being taught ideas that are "directly at odds with the tenets of your faith"? 2. Are the "anti-bullying" efforts at your child's school "promoting a political-cultural agenda that is being foisted on your children in their formative years"? 3. Is the "machinery of the state" being used to "compel your children to adopt politically correct attitudes on the nature of human sexuality, gender identity and alternative family structures"? 4. Is anti-bullying curriculum being used to "shape your children's attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and family structure"?
If these questions resonate with what you or someone you know is experiencing under the guise of "anti-bullying", then is the school environment truly being safe and supportive for ALL students? Of course we want all students to be treated with courtesy and respect. But are the issues noted above really about protecting students in the classroom or rather about pushing certain beliefs and attitudes onto them? PARENTS HAVE RIGHTS. Use respectful resolve and don't allow yourself to be bullied into handing over your rightful place as guardians of your children. Here is an excellent article by Katherine Kersten that will help you understand many of the realities of anti-bullying campaigns: Legislative Bullying - A Safe and Supportive Environment?

Sex Ed in Oregon - What is Really Happening?

Parents and guardians hold a lot more cards than they think. Students, teachers, administrators, school board members also have rights when it comes to the explicit K-12 comprehensive sexuality education that the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) sanctions and endorses. Local control is nothing if districts succumb to pressure from the Oregon Department of Education to accept "free curriculum/training" or cave when told that you are "not in compliance with the law". Here is an interview with the co-founder of Parents' Rights in Education that will give you insights into what is really happening around Oregon in regards to sex ed. Despite our differing opinions about religious, political or social issues, the role of a parent or guardian must not be negated to the state. We encourage you to peruse our website to find out just what Oregon's K-12 comprehensive sexuality education is all about, what your rights are and practical things you can do if some of it doesn't seem fair or appropriate given the diverse values/beliefs of your community.

Even the Law Recognizes Parents Know Best

WHO is ultimately responsible for the care and upbringing of your minor child? Despite any differences we may have about politics, religion or ideology - we can all agree that we do NOT want to relinquish this right and privilege to another. You as a parent/guardian have the law on your side. It is not the role of government to impose a "holistic sexuality education program" on the "whole-child" in the name of "health, safety and wellness". What the heck does this even mean anyway?! What do these terms mean? What part of your child will you be able to impart your values, beliefs and culture? What is left for you as a parent? You have the law on your side. If you are being told that your school district must by "in compliance with the law", become familiar (and empowered!) with these laws and Supreme Court decisions: Even the Law Recognizes Parents Know Best Your school district works for you and local control means nothing unless you retain your rights as parents!
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