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Discussion/Information About Informed Consent

Discussion/Information About Informed Consent
Pediatrician interviewed about informed consent AND LOOK AT: National Vaccine Information Center

Quick Facts 2016 - Sex Education in America

Quick Facts 2016 - Sex Education in America
ASCEND is a Washington DC-based professional association that champions youth to make healthy decisions in relationships and life by promoting well-being through a primary prevention strategy, and as a national membership and advocacy organization that serves, leads, represents and equips the Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) field. See ASCEND's "Quick Facts 2016 - Sex Education in American"

A MUST SEE: Oregon's 2nd Revision of Proposed K-12 Health/Sex Ed Standards

A MUST SEE: Oregon's 2nd Revision of Proposed  K-12 Health/Sex Ed Standards
The Oregon Department of Education has recently shared it's proposed 2nd draft version of K-12 comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) standards. These proposed K-12 Oregon health/sex ed standards are indicative of what the Oregon Department of Education is expecting teachers and administrators to discuss and expose to children in the classroom; concepts that parents and guardians have NOT given school district's permission to do so. Take a look at SOME EXAMPLES of the draft 2nd revision of K-12 sex education "standards". It is important for school district leaders and residents of the community to find out what EXACT CURRICULUM will be used, what SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS/COMMUNITY RESOURCES will be recommended, and what TRAINING will be promoted to both teachers and students? Is the K-12 CSE program, plan of instruction and materials developmentally appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate, and promoting sexual risk avoidance? Is there strong bias and ideology embedded in it? If so, how fair is this? REMEMBER, in Oregon, your child's school board has the final vote on what K-12 comprehensive sexuality education curriculum, training and resources will (and will not) be used on school property (ORS 332.072).

Elementary School Exposes Kids to Depictions of Graphic Sex Acts - School Board and Parents Blindsided

Elementary School Exposes Kids to Depictions of Graphic Sex Acts - School Board and Parents Blindsided
On April 14, 2016, Portland, Oregon’s KPTV Channel 12 broke a story that 9 year-old students at a Rainier, Oregon elementary school were given access to “It’s Perfectly Normal”, a book using graphics to instruct students in sexual intercourse and masturbation. The Rainier School District (RSD) claims that...the eleven-year-old's “accidentally left the books out” where a 4th grade class found and read them. Parents and guardians want to know what district policy allows this book to be used and sanctions school personnel to direct students to a book which depicts individuals masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse? This book is contentious (around the nation) because of issues of nudity, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group and allegations that it’s child pornography, yet the school district approved the purchase and use of “It’s Perfectly Normal” books.The District Superintendent stated that “It’s Perfectly Normal” is on the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) state approved list. It should be noted that the controversial Adolescent Sexuality Conference was also approved by the ODE and touted as “in compliance with state standards”. This conference indisputably exposed minors as young as eleven to pornography and other unsafe content. Is showing cartoon depictions of children masturbating and adults engaging in sexual intercourse any more "suitable" for 9 or 11 elementary students...than if they were shown actual photos of these behaviors? School district's must be held to account and justify such a decision. Parents and guardians can contact their board members and let them know that a book such as "It's Perfectly Normal" is not perfectly okay as part of their children’s school education.

Oregon Healthy Teens Survey: 'There are concerning questions'

Oregon Healthy Teens Survey: 'There are concerning questions'
"Middle school students will soon be answering some pretty intimate questions in a survey conducted by the Oregon Health Authority. The survey features questions like "Do you think of yourself as lesbian or gay?” or "During the past three months, how many people did you have sexual intercourse with?" Some parents say a survey that covers these topics is needed, while others are not thrilled. "We're very concerned about the trespassing on the hearts and minds of children,” said Lori Porter. February 27, 2015 KATU Reports: Healthy Teens Survey - There are concerning questions

Examination of instructional material (ORS 336.465)

Use respectful resolve and ask your district for the HIV/Aids/Human Sexuality “Plan of Instruction” for any and all grade levels. A "Plan of Instruction" should have already been approved by the school board and be readily available to any district resident. ORS336.465 Examination of instructional material Each school district shall:
(a) Give parents, guardians and district residents an opportunity to examine the instructional materials to be used in any class, course, assembly or school-sponsored activity. (b) Inform parents or guardians in advance of any instruction on human sexuality or human immunodeficiency virus and give them an opportunity to review materials. At the same time, parents or guardians shall be informed that no pupil shall be required to take or participate in any instruction on human sexuality or human immunodeficiency virus if the pupils parent or guardian, after having reviewed the materials, submits written objection to the school district. (2) Refusal to take or participate in any class, course, assembly or school-sponsored activity on human sexuality or human immunodeficiency virus shall not be reason for harassment, suspension or expulsion of the pupil.


Summer is here. This is a great time to relax and have a change of pace. No rushing to catch the bus, no Sunday night scrambling to get homework done. Parents' Rights in Education encourages you to find out what your child is learning about or noticing in school when it comes to:
sex sexuality sex education identity school based health centers bullying consent confidentiality health community services/resources parental notification
Parents' Rights in Education has many tools, tips and resources that you may find helpful; learn what to watch for, become equipped, and encouraged!

Is it the job of public schools to determine "what" your child is?

There is a line that should not be crossed. You entrust your child to the care of your district teachers and leaders each and every time they step into the halls of the school. Teaching is not an easy profession, but can be extremely rewarding; educators supporting the efforts of parents and guardians by teaching children skills and knowledge that will hopefully help them have a healthy and happy life. But growing up can be difficult. It can be confusing. Children are impressionable and vulnerable. We all know this and that is why we expect adults to protect them. Protecting is one thing. Trespassing on the heart of YOUR child is quite a different matter. Is it the role of the public school to "guide" your child in discovering "what" they are (ie: transexual, cisgender, heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, questioning, asexual, pansexual, transgender, polysexual, etc.)? Will their counsel honor your rights as a parent, your values and beliefs, and your ability to protect your child's mind and heart? When a line is crossed, this means an individual has trespassed. Telling a child "what" they are IS a form of trespassing. Oregonians, be on the look out when you see curriculum, events, "celebrations" that are crossing the line of education and moving into a territory that should be OFF LIMITS. WITH RESPECTFUL RESOLVE, SPEAK UP! Do not allow your child's mind and heart be led down a road that leaves you standing on the sidelines.

This is Considered "Comprehensive Sexuality Education"?

Would your local school board enjoy engaging in a public discussion about sex on top or bloody faced men liking sex "every day of the month"? As unlikely as this is, parents and guardians must understand that a growing amount of children, in Oregon and across the country, are being subjected to "comprehensive sexuality education" content that is vastly overreaching and intrusive. Below is an example where parents/guardians in California became outraged when such material was presented to their children.
"...Perhaps the most shocking and inappropriate photo, the pedagogical value of which is unclear, was a picture of a man with a bloody face accompanied by a caption saying, “A real man loves his woman every day of the month.”
One School’s ‘Horrific’ Sex-Ed Photos Are Outraging Parents; Jun. 8, 2014 8:21am; Zach Noble; The Blaze Here in Oregon, K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education is "mandated" by the state, but this does NOT condone content where "anything goes". Your local school district needs to proceed with great caution when updating its sex ed policy and in selecting their "district approved" curricula. Even if curriculum or programs are packaged as "medically accurate", "best practice", or "research-based", this does not automatically deem the content "academically excellent"; honest scrutiny, accountability, and clear rationale for its approval must be required.

ODE Sanctioned Keynote Speaker - A Sex Toy Shop Owner

The content presented at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) Seaside is considered "best practice" and "age appropriate" for Oregon youth. Teachers, health care providers and students from around the state attend and are encouraged to go back home and share what they learn with their peers or community members. Cory Silverberg's sex toy store website: (Toronto co-op sex toy store owner) come as you are pic Here is the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference Agenda/Workshops: ASC-Registration-packet-2014 in full The Steering Committee for this year's Adolescent Sexuality Conference April 7-8, 2014: "Building Blocks of Youth Sexual Health" included: *Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force *Oregon Department of Education *Oregon DHS *Oregon Health Authority
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