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With School Beginning Soon...Remember the "PROTECTION OF PUPIL RIGHTS" Federal Law!

With School Beginning Soon...Remember the
It is your right and responsibility as a parent to protect your child. Be sure to keep in mind these provisions (for you and your child) stated in the “Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment”. The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) is a law intended to protect the rights of pupils and the parents of pupils in programs funded by the United States Department of Education (ED). The PPRA was written to protect the rights of parents and students in two specific ways. First, any material used by students in ED funded surveys, analyses, or evaluations will be made available to parents to inspect prior to use with their child. Secondly, it ensures that schools and contractors acquire written parental consent before a minor student is required to participate in ED funded surveys, analyses or evaluations which may reveal personal information more at the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.

Are You a Boy or a Girl?

You send your child to school to be educated.
You take your child to the doctor to remain as healthy as possible.

Is it your expectation that either your child's teacher or physician meddle into the secret hidden places of your child's heart and mind? You would not want a stranger wandering through the halls and rooms of your home. Is it much different to have an adult (other than yourself) trespass on your child's sense of self?

Of course not.

Recently, in Astoria Oregon, a five year old boy was asked by his doctor, "Are you a boy or a girl?". The little guy looked inquisitively up to his mom seeking her help with such a curious question. Here is a "trusted adult" planting a seed of doubt or confusion onto the heart of a child.


Clearly, the doctor is overstepping her role and will never know (or have to be responsible for) the impact of such a question. Expert or not, YOU are the parent and guardian of your child. Retain your rightful place in their life.

In Oregon there is a concerted effort to blur the lines between education and healthcare. Don't go all soft about this. We urge you to claim your rights as parents. Your child needs you!


Your school board members are volunteers. They are busy people such as yourself. They care about kids. They have made a commitment to serve the residents of their district. They DO NOT work for the:

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) The Superintendent of Public Instruction (Governor Kitzhaber) The Oregon Educational Investment Board (OEIB) The Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Public Health Organizations or Private Corporation (ie:Kaiser Permanente)

Use respectful resolve to remind them that "there is no local control if parents rights are not honored/protected". Thank them for their service...but remind them that they work for YOU!


Summer is here. This is a great time to relax and have a change of pace. No rushing to catch the bus, no Sunday night scrambling to get homework done. Parents' Rights in Education encourages you to find out what your child is learning about or noticing in school when it comes to:
sex sexuality sex education identity school based health centers bullying consent confidentiality health community services/resources parental notification
Parents' Rights in Education has many tools, tips and resources that you may find helpful; learn what to watch for, become equipped, and encouraged!

Even the Law Recognizes Parents Know Best

WHO is ultimately responsible for the care and upbringing of your minor child? Despite any differences we may have about politics, religion or ideology - we can all agree that we do NOT want to relinquish this right and privilege to another. You as a parent/guardian have the law on your side. It is not the role of government to impose a "holistic sexuality education program" on the "whole-child" in the name of "health, safety and wellness". What the heck does this even mean anyway?! What do these terms mean? What part of your child will you be able to impart your values, beliefs and culture? What is left for you as a parent? You have the law on your side. If you are being told that your school district must by "in compliance with the law", become familiar (and empowered!) with these laws and Supreme Court decisions: Even the Law Recognizes Parents Know Best Your school district works for you and local control means nothing unless you retain your rights as parents!

2014 Resolution: Stay Empowered!

As 2013 comes to a close and the new year is almost upon us, know that you can make a difference in the defense of your children and your rights as parents. Parents and guardians have more power and influence in their schools and community than they realize. This is more important than ever as explicit sexuality education is being foisted upon Oregon children in the name of health. The lines between education and healthcare are being intentionally blurred. We want to encourage and equip you. You can have more impact than you realize! When you make the conscious effort to stay engaged in matters such as these, you will be amazed at the positive influences you can make at the local level. Determine to stay informed about Oregon's K-12 sex education, healthcare related messages and services that your child is learning about during his/her school day. We look forward to assisting you in 2014. Best to you and yours this holiday season!

List of Questions You Could Ask School Officials

Yes, it can be a bit intimidating. No doubt about it. But remember, your school/district officials work for YOU; you entrust your children to their care during the school day. You have the LEGAL RIGHT to know what is being taught to your children. Be both respectful and resolute. Recently a Spanish-speaking parent from the Portland Public School District who had limited English-speaking skills told a group that, "If I can stand before a school board and share my concerns/questions, then so can you!" Here are some sample questions you could print off and use TODAY!
1. How and when can I see all the district's K-12 sexuality education curriculum materials? 2. What is the school’s policy re notifying me of sexuality education, potentially objectionable reading assignments and other sensitive curriculum matters? How will I be informed/contacted? 3. What is the policy or process for me to “opt out” my child from a class or assignment? 4. How can I get a copy of the district's K-12 Sexuality Education policies? 5. Will there be any non-school personnel teaching certain sexuality education material? How were their qualifications verified? If these personnel are permitted to do instruction, can other non-school personnel with different viewpoints also be approved for instruction? What policies govern these decisions? 6. May I observe classroom instruction? If not, why not? If so, what if any procedure must be followed? What policies govern these decisions?

A Serious Power Grab Occurring In Oregon

REAL POWER is when parents and guardians come together to protect their parental rights and responsibilities! We urge you to not relinquish this awesome privilege that you have been given! We know that parenting isn't always easy and that you are probably quite busy. We offer you easy ideas and tools here on this website that you can use right now! Take courage - you are NOT alone. The two items below would give any Oregonian a general idea of what’s going on in Oregon in regards to parental rights and the subject of sex. If you want to learn even more, visit our website at
Article: Governor Kitzhaber Undermining Rights of Parents,
October 26, 2013 Radio Interview: One aspect of integrating health care and education: sex ed. We talk with Lori Porter, co-founder of Parents’ Rights in Education, and with attorney Joanna Galbraith, a family rights advocate, to find out what’s passing for “sex education” in K–12 schools. This will shock you as parents—not only what they’re pushing on your children but the army of organizations doing the pushing. Tune in to hear not only the shocking details, but your rights as parents—and what you can do about it. To hear a copy of this broadcast, Visit:
Parents and guardians do not have to be experts in all this – just equipped enough to push back on a very serious “power grab” that is going on in Oregon. Parents hold a lot more cards than they think! Your local school district has an obligation to honor parent’s rights and their roles in the lives of their children; schools are expected to support not destroy the parent/child relationship. Remain resolute in respectfully reminding them of this.

Sex Education and School-Based Health Centers

In looking at the mission of Parents' Rights in Education, you may wonder why we take time to include information about other issues such as School-Based Health Centers, Youth Advisory Councils, the annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference, or Planned Parenthood? Great Question. To be honest, we would rather not. However, in researching and gathering the facts around sex education in Oregon, we have quickly discovered that there are well-funded and powerful partnerships threatening the rights of parents. We have been forced to connect the dots. We do this for you. You may just not have the time to do this and we want to equip and empower you! But it is so darn confusing and overwhelming. It surely is. But take heart. It is not your job to defend/vindicate your concerns. You do not have to be an expert in all this. Ask a few questions. Expect answers. It is the duty of the school district [not you] to justify why they are providing the materials, resources, services about human sexuality to your minor children. Remain resolute in respectfully reminding them of this!

A Look Into An Oregon School-Based Health Center

Century High School located in Hillsboro, Oregon recently celebrated the opening of its new School-Based Health Center (SBHC). Should parents and guardians be celebrating? Though the Hillsboro School District has made a decision not to offer contraception on site at this time, the certified SBHC is REQUIRED BY LAW to refer students of any age to community resources where they can access reproductive services (ie: contraception, abortion). While taking a self-guided tour at Century's SBHC we found the following messages/resources available to students. Your birth control choices:
Copper IUD (ParaGard), Progestin IUD (Mirena, Skyla), The Implant (Nexplanon), The Shot (Depo-Provera), The Pill, Progestin-Only Pills, The Patch (Ortho Evra), The Ring (Nuvaring), Male Condom, Female Condom, Spermicide, Diaphragm, Emergency Contraception (Plan B One-Step, Next Choice, Ella, etc.)
Material from Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) whose mission is to:
*To ensure that women and teens can readily obtain birth control and abortion from their own primary care clinician as a part of their routine medical care. *Expand access to reproductive care and work to reverse the abortion-provider shortage
Pregnant? Know Your Options - All options pregnancy counseling services (Boys & Girls Aid). Our services to you are always free of charge and completely confidential. Obtain support in making a parenting plan, an adoption plan or an abortion plan and determine why it may be a good choice for you. Boys & Girls Aid beliefs include:
*Right to neutral, unbiased counseling when making decisions about their pregnancy. *All pregnant women, regardless of age, have the right and the responsibility to make their own decisions. *All pregnant women should live in an environment that is safe, healthy, and nurturing.
The Washington County Teen Clinic states that their answers are private, safe, and practical.
They offer assistance to minors asking questions such as: “Is it right for me? Should I listen to them? Who can I trust? What will happen? Should I try it? How can I decide? Where am I going? Who do I call? How will I get there"?
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