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Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief Regarding Public School Transgender Bathrooms

Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief Regarding Public School Transgender Bathrooms
"Public schools adopting “gender identity” instead of biological sex abandons science, creates a hostile environment, and threatens the safety and well-being of children, Liberty Counsel told the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in an amicus brief." ~December 1, 2015 Read More: Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief Regarding Public School Transgender Bathrooms

School Boards NOT Legally Required to Allow Students to Use Opposite-Sex Restrooms, Showers, and Changing Rooms

School Boards NOT Legally Required to Allow Students to Use Opposite-Sex Restrooms, Showers, and Changing Rooms
"Allowing students to use opposite-sex restrooms and locker rooms would seriously endanger students’ privacy and safety, undermine parental authority, violate religious students’ free exercise rights, and severely impair an environment conducive to learning. These dangers are so clear-cut that a school district allowing such activity would clearly expose itself to tort liability." "We seek to reaffirm the commonsense proposition that compelling students to share restrooms and locker rooms with members of the opposite sex violates their right to bodily privacy and would not only lead to potential legal liability for the School District and its employees, but would also violate students’ and parents’ fundamental rights." Read Complete Letter: August 24, 2015 Letter from Alliance Defending Freedom to Hillsboro Missouri School Board re: Schools Are Not Legally from Required to Allow Students to Use Opposite-Sex Restroom, Showers, and Changing Rooms.

This is Considered "Comprehensive Sexuality Education"?

Would your local school board enjoy engaging in a public discussion about sex on top or bloody faced men liking sex "every day of the month"? As unlikely as this is, parents and guardians must understand that a growing amount of children, in Oregon and across the country, are being subjected to "comprehensive sexuality education" content that is vastly overreaching and intrusive. Below is an example where parents/guardians in California became outraged when such material was presented to their children.
"...Perhaps the most shocking and inappropriate photo, the pedagogical value of which is unclear, was a picture of a man with a bloody face accompanied by a caption saying, “A real man loves his woman every day of the month.”
One School’s ‘Horrific’ Sex-Ed Photos Are Outraging Parents; Jun. 8, 2014 8:21am; Zach Noble; The Blaze Here in Oregon, K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education is "mandated" by the state, but this does NOT condone content where "anything goes". Your local school district needs to proceed with great caution when updating its sex ed policy and in selecting their "district approved" curricula. Even if curriculum or programs are packaged as "medically accurate", "best practice", or "research-based", this does not automatically deem the content "academically excellent"; honest scrutiny, accountability, and clear rationale for its approval must be required.

Do You Know What Your Child is Reading in School?

Excerpts from Todd Starnes May, 7, 2014 article:
“’Yeah,’ he groaned, and he pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping her so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs.” “Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”
Teachers, administrators, and school board members are busy people. So are you. This does not dismiss the duty to monitor (and protect!) minors from literature that has pornographic content. It's everyone's job. Take a look at the following article, written by Todd Starnes, regarding a father who expressed his concern about what his 14 year old daughter was given to read from her teacher: Note that the school was apologetic about not informing parents in advance to the students getting this book...but not apologetic in regards to the content. Do you know what your child is reading in school? You have the LEGAL RIGHT to know! Hold your district accountable to what they deem "educational literature" and how your tax dollars are being spent. You are entrusting YOUR children to their care during the school day.

Legislative Bullying - On YOUR Dime

Are you paying to be bullied? Does your child's school endorse a "Day of Silence"? Do you know what this event is all about? Ask yourself: 1. Are your children being taught ideas that are "directly at odds with the tenets of your faith"? 2. Are the "anti-bullying" efforts at your child's school "promoting a political-cultural agenda that is being foisted on your children in their formative years"? 3. Is the "machinery of the state" being used to "compel your children to adopt politically correct attitudes on the nature of human sexuality, gender identity and alternative family structures"? 4. Is anti-bullying curriculum being used to "shape your children's attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and family structure"?
If these questions resonate with what you or someone you know is experiencing under the guise of "anti-bullying", then is the school environment truly being safe and supportive for ALL students? Of course we want all students to be treated with courtesy and respect. But are the issues noted above really about protecting students in the classroom or rather about pushing certain beliefs and attitudes onto them? PARENTS HAVE RIGHTS. Use respectful resolve and don't allow yourself to be bullied into handing over your rightful place as guardians of your children. Here is an excellent article by Katherine Kersten that will help you understand many of the realities of anti-bullying campaigns: Legislative Bullying - A Safe and Supportive Environment?

What is "Best Practice" for Teaching YOUR Child About...

* * * * * * * * SEXUAL PLEASURE * * * * * * * * * (...or how about dental dams, lubrication, condoms, abortion, sense of self?)

All wrong -- in California, girls can use urinals in the boys' restroom

As of January 1, students in California public schools have been able to choose whether to use the boys’ rest room or girls’ rest room, as well as the girls’ locker room or boys’ locker room, based on whether they feel female or male, not whether they are anatomically female or male. That’s right: Governor Jerry Brown, of California, signed a bill that took effect January 1 that tells kids from kindergarten on that they should decide what they believe their gender identity is and act, accordingly. The legislation also allows students to choose their sports teams based on whether they sense they are boys or girls, not whether they were born male or born female. A campaign in California called Privacy for All Students is now seeking to put the “choose your bathroom” law to a public vote on the November ballot. I hope they succeed. And I hope it is repealed. I know exactly what I believe, partly because I grew up at a time when liberal politicians weren’t as brazen about trying to erode my sense of self. And I believe, to the core, unshakably, that Governor Jerry Brown is a threat to children in California and a threat to children everywhere. Segments of article By Dr. Keith Ablow, Published January 14, 2014|

X-Rated Poster in Middle School Just the Tip of the Iceberg

This EXACT curriculum is being used in many Oregon school districts. The poster that a 13 year old Kansas student took a picture of is just the tip of the iceberg. It is shocking to see what sex ed materials are being deemed "best practice", "medically accurate" and "age appropriate" for minor children. Do you know what curriculum your school is using? Parents and guardians have the legal right to view ALL sex ed curriculum (including supplemental materials) used in their district. This should be readily available for viewing at any time. Check out tools and tips found on this website for suggested ways to go about this. You have the right to know what kind of discussions and materials your child and his/her classmates are engaging in once the classroom door closes. We encourage you to approach your district administrators and teachers with respectful resolve. Hold them accountable and require them to justify the use of selected materials. As parents, you hold a lot more cards than you think! Kansas parent exposes what middle school students are seeing in their classroom:

"Separation of Sex and State"

“Comprehensive sex education” is a sham and a joke. It’s also more than just a little creepy. If an adult in ANY OTHER CONTEXT came up to your child and tried to strike up a conversation about ”self-pleasure” or “oral sex,” you’d likely have … uh… “words”… with him, and then words with the police. ~Matt Walsh
A perspective we think worthy of sharing with you!

Follow the Money...YOUR Money!

If you want to learn more about the history behind comprehensive sexuality education and how many federal dollars are behind it, check out these two documents: History of Federal Funding for More CSE Approaches SIECUS - Explanation of Federal Funding for More CompSexEd Be encouraged...even the Oregon Department of Education's Sexuality Specialist, Brad Victor, admitted that it only takes a few parents to derail certain sexuality education materials and methodology. This despite the fact that he boasted at the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference that, "We’ve got the most progressive [comprehensive sexuality education] law in the nation here".
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