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Best Practice?

Who gets to decide what is "best practice" when it comes to K-12 sexuality education? How does my district's K-12 sexuality education curriculum support "best practices"? How do these "best practices" honor the diverse values/beliefs of parents and guardians within my district? How do these "best practices" protect the rights and responsibilities I have as a parent?
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) touts that its K-12 comprehensive sexuality standards employ "best practices". Parents' Rights in Education encourages you to view some of our various posts and links and ask yourself if the organizations that ODE partners with, the curriculum that they promote and the events that they advocate can really be deemed "best practice". ODE's recent history and current affiliations reveal a much different standard of practice.

Sex Education in's not that bad...or is it?

Your children are being targeted. Youth Advisory Councils (YAC’s) are being formed across the state and are encouraged to market ideas, resources and events to your child without your permission. One annual event many Oregon youth attend is the Adolescent Sexuality Conference. Some topics discussed include: -Who should determine circumcision? -I Say porn, you say porn! -Masturbation exploration -Encouraging emergency contraceptives -LGBTQ training -How you feel about your genitals -Reproductive justice -Guide to getting it on -Put the needs of students ahead of the wants of adults -Oregon Queer Youth Summit -My pronoun of choice -Reproductive services to all ages -Women shouldn’t be turned off by putting their fingers in their vaginas -We’ve got millions of dollars, we’ve got the dough! -Describing ways people express affection within various types of relationships -Describing gender roles, gender identity and sexual orientation within healthy sexuality -Identifing trusted adults to seek information/resources about sexual orientation, reproductive rights and healthy sexuality

Follow the Money...YOUR Money!

If you want to learn more about the history behind comprehensive sexuality education and how many federal dollars are behind it, check out these two documents: History of Federal Funding for More CSE Approaches SIECUS - Explanation of Federal Funding for More CompSexEd Be encouraged...even the Oregon Department of Education's Sexuality Specialist, Brad Victor, admitted that it only takes a few parents to derail certain sexuality education materials and methodology. This despite the fact that he boasted at the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference that, "We’ve got the most progressive [comprehensive sexuality education] law in the nation here".

2013 Conference Materials & Messages to Oregon Youth

National coverage in shares some of the materials and messages Oregon Youth were presented with at the 2013 annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside, Oregon. Click here to see full article: Here are examples of Valentine's-day cards made available to youth: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m wearing my NuvaRing, now I’m ready for you.” “You’re like my birth control implant . . . I’ve got you under my skin.” “The only thing that can come between us is a condom!” “My love for you is like the IUD, long lasting and dependable!” We encourage you to look at our previous posts and ask yourself if this Oregon Department of Education sanctioned event is abstinence-centered and "age appropriate, balanced and culturally sensitve" as the law states that it is to be. Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-1440, Human Sexuality Education, states that the comprehensive plan of instruction shall include information that: (a) Promotes abstinence for school-age youth and mutually monogamous relationships with an uninfected partner for adults as the safest and mostly responsible sexual behavior to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and exposure to HIV, Hepatitis B/C and other sexually transmitted infectious diseases; (d) Provides balanced and accurate information on the risks and benefits of contraceptive and other disease reduction measures which reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, exposure to HIV, hepatitis B/C and other sexually transmitted infectious diseases;

Implications of Oregon's K-12 Sex Ed Revisions and Minors

"Revisions were pushed through with the greatest of ease" "We just slipped revisions in as a 'consent' item" "Revisions were bundled with other 'consent' items...and 'bingo, boom!' they were passed" "So...we pushed the envelope again" The above statements were made by the Oregon Department of Education "Sexuality Specialist", Brad Victor, at the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference. Parents' Rights in Education asks that you take a look at the workshops and content presented at this annual conference. CLICK HERE to view implications of these K-12 Sex Ed revisions: ASC-Registration-Packet-2013 Be ENCOURAGED. Be ASSURED. You DO have rights as parents. Even Brad Victor admitted that, "If parents will speak out at every level, sex education can be easily derailed in a school district--even one where the programs are already firmily in place."

"We Pushed the Envelope Again"

Bingo, Boom! Brad Victor, ODE's "Sexuality Specialist" shared at the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference that... "It was on the docket as a consent item. Which they’ll pile a bunch of stuff together. We put it out for public comment. There was no public comment at all. And so we went for the consent items, and they said, "Everybody agree on the consent items?" And they raised their hands. And bingo, boom! We’ve got the most progressive law in the nation here. So we pushed the envelope again." Victor goes on to say, "Revisions made to Oregon's K-12 Comprehensive Sex Education Administrative Rules were pushed through with the greatest of ease...the explicit Oregon Administrative Rule passed at the second reading, after being bundled with other 'consent' items." Did you know that the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) expects sex education to begin in kindergarten and condom demonstrations in sixth grade? *Click here to view some revisions that "pushed the envelope"!

Teens Teach Porn Class to Adults

 ...Really?! Do you think minors teaching a group of adults about porn  is "best practice" or "research-based"?  Below is a link to yet another article from a non-Oregon resident who attended last month's Adolescent Sexuality Conference.  As you read this, keep in mind that many students and teachers from around the state attend via grants and scholarships.  One popular grant is the W.I.S.E. Grant (Working to Institutionalize Sexuality Education), which is promoted by the Department of Education's "Sexuality Specialist", Brad Victor. Teens teach porn class to adults at Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference

2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference Insights

If you were not able to attend Oregon's annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held last month in Seaside Oregon, here is a perspective from a non-Oregon resident who attended:

'Sexuality ed expert': Laws pass when parents don't object; says one or two phone calls can derail sex ed program:  Sexuality ed expert

Planned Parenthood’s war on Oregon children:  Planned Parenthood Female condoms/ASC : Female condom manufacturer hawks goods at adolescent sexuality conference

Tens of Thousands of School Girls with Morning After Pill – Parents Left Out

Take a look at a current situation that is occurring in New York.  Parents across the nation are waking up to what SBHC's  offer their minor children.   *Click here: The link below is a GREAT tool for Oregon parents! It's a review of the sex ed curriculum in New York City schools, but similar curriculum is used in Oregon, across the country and even world, so this document is useful almost anywhere.  It gives you substantive talking points you can easily use when speaking before a school board, writing an editorial, or talking to other parents. *Click here:

April 22 & 23, 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference, Seaside, Oregon *Click on the link above to see the keynote speakers and the workshops that will be offered at this annual conference.  Many students receive scholarships to attend.  School districts around Oregon can receive grants (ie: W.I.S.E. Grants) which can help to send teachers to this conference. The focus of this annual conference describes the goals, messages, and services that districts across Oregon are encouraged to embraced. Some Samples of workshop titles:
  • From Hesitancy to Truth: Empowering Adolescents to Discuss Sexual Health and Intimacy through School-Based Life Coaching
  • The Impact of Health Reform and Medicaid Expansion for Youth
  • You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato: Planned Parenthood’s Youth Trainers Prepare Health Care Providers to Communicate About Sensitive Issues with Teens
  • Are There Strings Attached?: Recognizing Gender and Media Stereotypes in Friends with Benefits Relationships
  • International Laws and Treaties of Human Rights and Sexuality
  • Creating Your Firm Foundation; An Early Intervention Approach with Gender Non-Conforming Children
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