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Why is the Oregon Health Authority Sanctioning Adolescent Mutual Masturbation?

Why is the Oregon Health Authority Sanctioning Adolescent Mutual Masturbation?
*CAUTION: Sexually Explicit Content. The Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force (OTPTF) annually publishes and the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division funds The Rational Enquirer, a "youth-focused magazine on sexual health covering a wide variety of topics meant to inform and connect people in conversation”. The Rational Enquirer has been encouraged to be used in middle and high school classrooms. The Rational Enquirer has also been made available to youth in a number of Oregon School-Based Health Centers. See EXAMPLES of topics within The Rational Enquirer (2016):

A MUST SEE: Oregon's 2nd Revision of Proposed K-12 Health/Sex Ed Standards

A MUST SEE: Oregon's 2nd Revision of Proposed  K-12 Health/Sex Ed Standards
The Oregon Department of Education has recently shared it's proposed 2nd draft version of K-12 comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) standards. These proposed K-12 Oregon health/sex ed standards are indicative of what the Oregon Department of Education is expecting teachers and administrators to discuss and expose to children in the classroom; concepts that parents and guardians have NOT given school district's permission to do so. Take a look at SOME EXAMPLES of the draft 2nd revision of K-12 sex education "standards". It is important for school district leaders and residents of the community to find out what EXACT CURRICULUM will be used, what SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS/COMMUNITY RESOURCES will be recommended, and what TRAINING will be promoted to both teachers and students? Is the K-12 CSE program, plan of instruction and materials developmentally appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate, and promoting sexual risk avoidance? Is there strong bias and ideology embedded in it? If so, how fair is this? REMEMBER, in Oregon, your child's school board has the final vote on what K-12 comprehensive sexuality education curriculum, training and resources will (and will not) be used on school property (ORS 332.072).

Hookups’, ‘Friends With Benefits’, ‘Open or Poly Relationships’: Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force Promoting Teen Sexual Health?

Hookups’, ‘Friends With Benefits’, ‘Open or Poly Relationships’:  Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force Promoting Teen Sexual Health?
Oregonians want to know why the Attorney General’s Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force (OSATF) has chosen to showcase Scarleteen as a credible resource in which to promote sexual health and sexual violence prevention in Oregon public schools. On October 10, 2016, the OSATF held a statewide Summit in Portland Oregon titled “Sexual Health Promotion and Sexual Violence Prevention: Connecting the Dots”. Heather Corinna, Director of Scarleteen (, an organization and website which provides “sexuality, sexual health and relationship information” to young people, did the closing plenary at this October 10th Summit. EXAMPLES OF CONTENT PROMOTED ON SCARLETEEN WEBSITE: Scarleteen E-Cards ( Scarleteen's One-Stop Safer Sex Shop ( The Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force was on the steering committee of the controversial Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference; a conference which was canceled in 2015 due to exposing minors to pornographic, unsafe and potentially illegal content.

Elementary School Exposes Kids to Depictions of Graphic Sex Acts - School Board and Parents Blindsided

Elementary School Exposes Kids to Depictions of Graphic Sex Acts - School Board and Parents Blindsided
On April 14, 2016, Portland, Oregon’s KPTV Channel 12 broke a story that 9 year-old students at a Rainier, Oregon elementary school were given access to “It’s Perfectly Normal”, a book using graphics to instruct students in sexual intercourse and masturbation. The Rainier School District (RSD) claims that...the eleven-year-old's “accidentally left the books out” where a 4th grade class found and read them. Parents and guardians want to know what district policy allows this book to be used and sanctions school personnel to direct students to a book which depicts individuals masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse? This book is contentious (around the nation) because of issues of nudity, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group and allegations that it’s child pornography, yet the school district approved the purchase and use of “It’s Perfectly Normal” books.The District Superintendent stated that “It’s Perfectly Normal” is on the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) state approved list. It should be noted that the controversial Adolescent Sexuality Conference was also approved by the ODE and touted as “in compliance with state standards”. This conference indisputably exposed minors as young as eleven to pornography and other unsafe content. Is showing cartoon depictions of children masturbating and adults engaging in sexual intercourse any more "suitable" for 9 or 11 elementary students...than if they were shown actual photos of these behaviors? School district's must be held to account and justify such a decision. Parents and guardians can contact their board members and let them know that a book such as "It's Perfectly Normal" is not perfectly okay as part of their children’s school education.

Oregon school district allowing male students to shower and urinate in girls locker room

Oregon school district allowing male students to shower and urinate in girls locker room
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, September 9, 2015 OREGON SCHOOL DISTRICT ALLOWING MALE STUDENTS TO SHOWER AND URINATED IN GIRLS LOCKER ROOM. Parents’ Rights in Education would like to know how allowing a “transgendered boy” into a locker room full of young girls is considered “best practice” and how does this provide a safe and civil environment for these young girls? In Oregon, the Eugene Register Guard featured a May 23, 2015 article titled “New policy provides gender guidelines in Eugene schools”. This article refers to Eugene 4J School District’s April 10, 2015 22-page draft document which “gives guidance for when school officials should talk to parents…and [also] outlines best practices for accommodating transgender students in a number of ways, including accessible bathrooms, locker rooms, dress code, and bullying and harassment prevention.” The article went on to state that, “Students are not required to use a restroom or locker room that does not align with their gender identity, according to the document. Students can also participate in P.E. classes or intramural sports with students of the opposite sex, if it aligns with the students’ gender identification.” Eugene 4J School District’s policy Code JFG-AR Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students was revised/reviewed on May 6, 2015.

ODE Sanctioned Keynote Speaker - A Sex Toy Shop Owner

The content presented at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) Seaside is considered "best practice" and "age appropriate" for Oregon youth. Teachers, health care providers and students from around the state attend and are encouraged to go back home and share what they learn with their peers or community members. Cory Silverberg's sex toy store website: (Toronto co-op sex toy store owner) come as you are pic Here is the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference Agenda/Workshops: ASC-Registration-packet-2014 in full The Steering Committee for this year's Adolescent Sexuality Conference April 7-8, 2014: "Building Blocks of Youth Sexual Health" included: *Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force *Oregon Department of Education *Oregon DHS *Oregon Health Authority

Legislative Bullying - On YOUR Dime

Are you paying to be bullied? Does your child's school endorse a "Day of Silence"? Do you know what this event is all about? Ask yourself: 1. Are your children being taught ideas that are "directly at odds with the tenets of your faith"? 2. Are the "anti-bullying" efforts at your child's school "promoting a political-cultural agenda that is being foisted on your children in their formative years"? 3. Is the "machinery of the state" being used to "compel your children to adopt politically correct attitudes on the nature of human sexuality, gender identity and alternative family structures"? 4. Is anti-bullying curriculum being used to "shape your children's attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and family structure"?
If these questions resonate with what you or someone you know is experiencing under the guise of "anti-bullying", then is the school environment truly being safe and supportive for ALL students? Of course we want all students to be treated with courtesy and respect. But are the issues noted above really about protecting students in the classroom or rather about pushing certain beliefs and attitudes onto them? PARENTS HAVE RIGHTS. Use respectful resolve and don't allow yourself to be bullied into handing over your rightful place as guardians of your children. Here is an excellent article by Katherine Kersten that will help you understand many of the realities of anti-bullying campaigns: Legislative Bullying - A Safe and Supportive Environment?

Samples of 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Workshop Topics

To see agenda in full, visit: Conference Steering Committee includes:Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force; Oregon Department of Education; Oregon DHS, Youth Services; Oregon Health Authority; Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette and Southwestern Oregon Samples of 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Workshop Topics • Lessening the Taboo: Where Does Pleasure Fit into Sexual Health Education? • Safer Oral Sex practices (ex: dental dams) • Lubrication information • What Every Teen Should Know About Contraceptive Access Under Obamacare • Primary Prevention Curriculum with a Catholic Lens for Latin@ Youth • The Love Bugs – Sexually Transmitted Infections • Sexuality education for 5th – 8th graders from a youth-adult partnership perspective • Debunk common myths and stigmas associated with asexuality • The Problem with Abstinence • The meanings of rape and consent from a youth perspective • Ancient Wisdom for Inner Strength • My mother wants me to be a lesbian; Unique “coming out” experiences • Personal stories of bullying, being identified as LGBTQ, what a healthy breakup looks like • Oops!…I Did it Again: Getting Lost in the Game of Friends with Benefits • Building sexual health in adolescents begins with a conversation • Peer sexuality education program; Teen Council. • Using a model of holistic sexuality; explore ways to include scripture in sexuality education • No Glove, No Love: Condomology 411

What is "Best Practice" When it Comes to Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy?

imageskjkl;lkjijuiio Oregon's "K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education" MUST be be exposed for what it is! Who gets to decide what your minor child learns about sexual pleasure and intimacy? What is the best way to do this? In a mixed-gender classroom? From a teacher who imposes his/her ideology on their students? What grade level? Is the Department of Education's "best practices" truly honoring the diverse values of your district when they expect Oregon classrooms to discuss topics like you see listed below (and they ARE advocating this!). Some of these items may seem benign...but ask yourself, "Do I know how these topics will be presented in your child's classroom?" and "Do I know what subjects will be off limits?" • sexual pleasure • anal, oral, vaginal sex • condoms, dental dams, lubrication • range of ways to express affection • gender identity/self-image • healthy relationships • holistic sexuality • honest and open dialogue • teens teaching teens • breaking down barriers • advocate respect for diversity • intimacy • reproductive rights / confidential resources • identify trusted adults in community • political/social activism regarding sexuality education

ODE 2012 Sex Ed Revisions Can Be Challenged

At the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference, Sexuality Specialist Brad Victor boasted that Oregon has the most progressive sex education standards - that we have "pushed the envelope once again!" Here's what you can do. Click here: Questions regarding 2012 OARS Revisions_Sexuality Education to view a list of sample questions parents and concerned community members could ask their school board in regards to the 2012 revisions the Oregon Department of Education has added to grades K-12 Human Sexuality Education OAR 581-022-1440. The 2012 revisions can be found at ODE’s website: These questions are not at all encompassing, however they do include many topics included in the 2012 Human Sexuality Education OAR revisions that the ODE deems "best practice". If your district is feeling intimidated or pressured by the ODE to “follow the law”, remind your school officials that there are many other laws in which they are to be following. Do not buckle when unfamiliar terms are being used or you do not know how to respond. You must ask yourself, WHO is ultimately in control of your minor children? It doesn't matter if you don't fully comprehend Oregon law. Who does?! It is the responsibility of Oregon school districts to justify their decisions/policy around teaching your children about sex. Keep them accountable! Local control is nothing without the role of parents/guardians being honored and upheld.
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