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Seaside to Allow 2015 Teen Sex Ed Conference

Seaside to Allow 2015 Teen Sex Ed Conference
On the evening of December 8, Seaside city council decided that it will not go back on its contract to host a controversial sex education conference for teens. KOIN 6 News reported that "14 of the 16 schools that attended the conference will not send students to the conference next year" and that "Pleasant Hill and Clatskanie school districts have yet to decide." As of December 1, 2014, the Oregon Department of Education reported the termination of sexuality specialist, Brad Victor who has had a huge influential role in the Adolescent Sexuality Conferences(ASC), Oregon's sexuality education curriculum and instruction, as well as in the sex education policies school districts implement throughout the state. It is not clear as to how this may affect Mr. Victor influence on Oregon's K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

"XXX Rated Education" Watch KOIN 6 Investigative Report, Tues., Nov.18, 11:00 p.m.

Watch KOIN 6 News Investigative Report by Carla Castaño Tuesday, November 18, 11:00 p.m. Title of news story: XXX Rated Education. Find out what the Oregon Department of Education considers “healthy sexuality” and “safe sex” for your children. School leaders say they had no idea. Students say it went too far. You won’t believe what they are learning! View: XXX Education KOIN 6 Trailer Watch KOIN 6 News Live Stream at:
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