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Our Concerns

  • The Oregon Department of Education is promoting explicit sexual behaviors to children

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    “Public School Porn?” Take a look at our evidence. Oregon school districts do NOT have to accept curriculum, policy, training and concepts that do not align with their community values. School board members, superintendents, administrators, counselors and educators are hired or elected to represent YOU, the parent or guardian. The Oregon Department of Education is intended to support school districts around the state - NOT usurp local rights and responsibilities.


    The Oregon Department of Education is betraying the trust of parents and guardians

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    The ODE may confuse you with the following phrases when it comes to health education:

    healthy sexuality. wellness. safety. age-appropriate. best practice. mandated by the state. medically accurate. non-judgmental. inclusive. confidential. evidence-based. no one else has ever complained.


    The Oregon Department of Education is motivating minors to engage in sex

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    ODE sponsored Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC)distributes “How to Get Your Groove On Fluid Free”.

    Suggested activities include: bathing together, cyber-sex, shave each other, phone sex, lap dance, or strip tease.

    Sources: http://parentsrightsined.net/pleasure_porn_meth_phone%20sex.php


    The Oregon Department of Education is enticing schools to usurp parental rights

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    Governor Kitzhaber’s recent “Health Transformation” is aggressively promoting minors rights and “youth sexual health” above the rights of parents.

    Sources:[http://library.state.or.us/repository/2010/201010291227575/index.pdf] “Oregon Minors Rights: Access & Consent to Health Care”

    [http://www.oregon.gov/dhs/children/teens/tpp/yhsp-021109.pdf] “The Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan”

  • Parents' Rights in Education wants to support your efforts to "Protect Heart & Home"!

  • Religious, political, social, or cultural differences aside, "Parent's Rights Matter"!

  • Local control is nothing without parents rights!

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Our Causes

parents and guardians

Our mission is to inform and equip you with practical things you can do. Your voice needs to be heard!


Inform your students about “sexuality” and “health-related” issues which they may encounter at school.

explicit K-12 "healthy sexuality" education

The Oregon Department of Education is perpetrating an assault on your child’s sexual innocence.

school boards, administrators, educators

Oregon school districts serve their communities and should not be bullied into accepting ODE’s explicit sexuality education.

legal rights and helpful tools

Know your legal rights and exercise them.

holding the ODE accountable

Education dollars are limited and should not be used to promote “Public School Porn”